What has been your professional journey?

I’ve had an atypical journey! Following my Baccalaureate exam in STI (Industrial sciences and techniques), I obtained a BTS qualification in electronics. Then I wanted to join the police force, but in the end that didn’t really suit me. I then grabbed various job opportunities until I got a temporary contract with DV GROUP 10 years ago now. I started at first within the Digital and Robotic Control pole, then in Motion. I’m currently working within the Large Drive pole dedicated to repairing high-power drives.

What does the job of an experienced electronics technician involve?

I repair, carry out preventive work and repairs on the components of drives and supplies or starter motors. I work in three stages: appraisal, repair and validation. Firstly, I evaluate and localise the breakdown, then I repair the product and validate its operation.

What do you like most about your work?

Emergency repairs! When a client calls us because his production line has had to stop, we have to intervene as quickly as possible! I have to stop and think and put in place a technical solution so that the client can continue to run his production and do all that as quickly as possible. It’s both a personal and professional challenge! It’s important to show both rigour and vigilance. We have to be able to disassemble and then re-assemble the product while ensuring the continuity of the client’s production. You can’t hurry: you have to take the time to think upstream and then gain time when it comes to the repair.

We are multi-brand repairers and integrators, but we each have our specialisms. As a Siemens Partner Solution, I’ve specialised in dealing with their products. Our discussions with colleagues from other sites allow us to continually evolve and acquire new techniques and skills.

How would you describe the working atmosphere?

My working relationships are very good, both with the technical team I work with day-to-day and with the sales team. Indeed, we’re in contact with the sales team very often because they are our gateway to the client, particularly during emergency repairs. Throughout the project, I keep in contact with them to give them news regarding the progress of the repair.

If you could swap your job with someone in the company for just one day, who would you choose and why?

Ideally, I’d be tempted to swap my job with my manager! Managing a team would be both a personal and professional challenge for me.