What is your job?

I’m International Sales Account (inside sales person), making part of the international department. I’m the technical and sales contact for the Netherlands and Belgium. My job is to explore and develop partnerships with our Dutch-speaking industrial accounts. For this, I research and define tailor-made technical solutions to meet their needs. In addition, I am the direct link between our technical experts and our customers for repair progress and order follow up, and the organization urgent repairs. And I’m doing all this just from my office in Douvrin!

How do we become International Sales Account?

When I arrived in France and particularly in the region, I realized that my language skills were requested, especially in the industrial sector. That’s how I arrived at DV GROUP 6 years ago as a Sales Assistant. I was in charge of making appointments for the Technical Sales Engineer located in the Netherlands. After one year, I was offered to have my own industrial accounts portfolio. I seized the opportunity! I really appreciated being trusted, and allowed to evolve so quickly.

3 skills required

I think the 3 main skills required are:

  • Reactivity; our customers expect us to solve their problems in a very short time.
  • Relational because it’s a job in which human contact is predominant.
  • Finally, to be multilingual because it allows to handle different countries.


Describe your typical day

Time is precious! When I arrive at the office, I first say hello to the whole Douvrin team before joining my office. Then, I check my emails and handle urgent requests. I also prepare my phone appointments schedule. Depending of the different tasks to do, I organize my day. As far as I’m concerned, I prefer to phone in the morning (customer care and prospection) and to make offers, order follow-up, translations and requests to our various technical workshops in the afternoon.

What are the stakes and difficulties of this job?

As an International Sales Account, I’m phoning a lot. So, it’s important to capture the attention of the person during a first contact and to build trustful customer relationships.

Because of the technicality you need to be curious, to be interested in the products and in our methods. This is why we regularly follow technical trainings.

What do you like the most about your job? At DV GROUP?

What I like the most is autonomy, decision-making and relational. Moreover, what I like about DV GROUP is the commitment; I’m trusted and I trust in our know-how. I know that by offering our solutions, I help our customers. I could not sell solutions that I’m not convinced of. Finally, I must say that the good atmosphere between colleagues is really appreciable!

As a woman in the industrial sector, did you face challenges and how did you overcome them?

Honestly, I didn’t face any challenges because of being a woman in the industrial sector. It’s true that I work in a masculine environment. Originally, I had no technical knowledge at all, my colleagues always took time to train me and explain me all the specificities. I really think that being a woman in the industrial sector is a real asset!