Can you describe your job?

I’m a DV GROUP electromechanics technician at the Sarreguemines site. My job is to maintain our clients’ rotating machinery. I carry out checks, workshop repairs, integration and on-site implementation of induction-type and direct current motors, pumps and ventilators.

How did you become an electro-mechanical engineer?

I didn’t have the typical electro-mechanical engineer’s journey. In fact, I qualified with a CAP in the maintenance of agricultural machinery and a professional Baccalaureate in polyculture and livestock farming. So, I started my professional career on a farm. Then I became a mechanic for a logging company where I maintained the machine stock. I decided to make a career change and I left the agricultural world in order to enter industry. I was interested in this sector because it evolves and keeps itself up-to-date. This is why I started working with DV GROUP in 2019.

Can you describe your day-to-day work for us? What is a day in the life of an electro-mechanical technician like?

My days are very different as I don’t always work in the workshop. I sometimes go directly to clients when things need to be done on-site. They are all quite different. I might carry out the re-balancing of a ventilation turbine on a boiler or have to remove and refit a motor. There’s no real routine in this job: you don’t get bored!

Do you need any particular qualities for this job?

Without hesitation, you have to be meticulous. It’s the main quality. When you’re doing a client’s job on-site, you have to be absolutely precise and comply with deadlines in order to avoid extending any production stoppages. You also need to be very analytical in order to resolve mechanical malfunctions, but this quality comes with experience. Finally, being able to understand English is a real plus. In fact, we sometimes work on motors where the instruction manual is only available in English. Being proficient in technical vocabulary can therefore be enormously helpful in getting the work done quickly.

What do you like most about your work?

What I like most is the expertise I can call on to find solutions. All breakdowns are different, so you have to find a different response to each problem. It’s a very varied job too: I can do pure mechanics, like handling or installing a motor.

Why have you chosen to work with DV GROUP?

Working with DV GROUP allows me to evolve into various business sectors: the steel, food and agriculture and automotive industries and many others. This helps me develop my skills and that’s really what I’m looking for. In addition, there are internal training courses which are very rewarding and which allow me to go into the field more comfortably. Products are very different from one brand to another and so it’s very important to be alert when dealing with these machines. And there’s a good atmosphere here too. I was able to work with colleagues in the Grigny workshop on a job for Continentale and it was great to be able to work with other technicians in the group! It allows you to see other working methods and to establish links with people outside the workshop. One last important point: we are very well equipped and it’s satisfying to be able to work under these conditions!

Where do you see yourself in several years’ time?

I would really like to have a role as a trainer and to work with apprentices. I would also like to improve my skills and follow a training course as a milling machine operator, for example, in order to expand my knowledge of motors. I think that could be a real plus for my job.