Friday: Safran Aircraft Engines, an aircraft, satellites and space vehicles engine manufacturer, asks us to intervene in emergency following the shutdown of a Berthiez tower used to produce cylindrical parts. In fact, a WNTC Cegelec 175A DC drive breaks down. The production is paralyzed.

Immediately, we send a replacement drive in order to restart production as quickly as possible at their Évry Corbeil plant (France, 91). However, the drive still doesn’t have power supply.

Saturday: A DV GROUP’s expert is sent to the plant straight away. After diagnosis, we notice 3 major issues:

  • Overcurrent fault due to wiring inversion
  • No speed instructions due to an incorrect parameter.
  • No control on the power contactor due to a defective information contact (functional protistors).

Our expert carries out the repairs and checks all the parameters. As the tests are conclusive, the machine restarts and the production of the Évry-Corbeil plant was able to resume at the end of the day.

Thanks to Safran for its trust !