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Elektrotechnisch onderhoud Diversen

EQIOM entrusts us with the overhaul of a 1.4 MW engine

EQIOM (17, France), a major key player in building materials (production of cements, aggregates and ready-mix concrete), plans to overhaul its high...

Elektronisch onderhoud Metaalbewerking-Metaalindustrie

Safran Aircraft Engines: Repair of a WNTC 175A drive on a Berthiez tower

Friday: Safran Aircraft Engines, an aircraft, satellites and space vehicles engine manufacturer, asks us to intervene in emergency following the sh...

Elektronisch onderhoud Metaalbewerking-Metaalindustrie

Replacement of 2 AFE drives for ST Microelectronics

ST Microelectronics, manufacturer of electronic components and more particularly of semiconductors for telephony, automotive and outdoor recreation...