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  • Annual contract since 2007 / 4 visits per year
  • Technician: 1


The Malteries Soufflet is a world reference player in the manufacturing of excellence, standard, pilsen, roasted and organic malts. The company wanted to control the maintenance of its production tools and thus defend itself against any potential mechanical breakdowns.

Indeed, in the agri-food sector a production stoppage can lead to large losses (direct and indirect costs):

  • Losses of raw materials which cannot be stored for health reasons
  • Unnecessary staffing costs
  • Disorganised logistical support (lorries, barges, trains)
  • Penalties linked to clients’ delivery delays
  • Emergency mobilisation of sub-contractors to implement remedial work

It was imperative to carry out a check in order to be totally trouble-free regarding the condition of its mechanical installations and thus safeguard production.


In order to respond to this problem, we offered our client a vibrational analysis of all its mechanical installations comprising ventilators and pumps in order to get a precise view of their condition and thus notify our client of the products requiring maintenance operations. Convinced by the first campaign results, the Malteries Soufflet chose to trust us and draw up a contract with DV GROUP. We have now been working together for 13 years.

ZOOM 2020

During the last campaign, our expert technician noticed a strong development in vibration levels on the 545 KW Siemens type H1SH 7 reducer in Kiln No. 1, as well as the appearance of a bearing fault (23222CC) with substantial marking on the external track.

Our electro-mechanical experts immediately proceeded with the removal of the damaged reducer and the re-fitting of the one from stock with laser alignment, all done within one 8-hour shift.

The workshop appraisal of the damaged reducer confirmed the technician’s predicted diagnosis, so our team proceeded with overhauling it, replacing the bearings and waterproofing and mechanical works on the bearing seats.

Indeed, the destruction of the bearing could cause irredeemable damage at gear train level, even the breakage of the reducer casing. The vibrational analysis therefore allowed this breakage to be avoided and consequently a production stoppage which would have led to significant losses.


  • Mechanical installations once again reliable
  • Decrease in uncontrolled production stoppages and therefore maintenance costs and production stoppages
  • Control of maintenance operations: planning and organisation
  • Establishment of a climate of trust: frequent, on-going exchanges and support from a dedicated DV GROUP contact