En bref :
  • Number of project hours: 900 hours
  • Project duration: 4 months
  • 3 technicians


The automotive equipment supplier Plastic Omnium chose to invest in the retrofitting of their robotic press No. 9. Indeed, the group had been encountering difficulties with the 2002 KUKA type KRC2 robot. The robot’s obsolescence, as well as the robotics, was leading to substantial expenditure and spare parts were becoming more and more difficult to find. In addition, after a change of premises and having moved the complete cell, it was very difficult for the machine operators to restore everything. In order to remedy this situation, we suggested that our client should re-think the machine with latest generation equipment, while complying with their robot programming standard.


In order to attain these objectives, we suggested that our client set up:

  • A KUKA robot with a KRC4 bay with Profinet communication. Prime K: 3500 mm radius, 120 kg load
  • A LEONI robot bundle with automatic recall
  • Security of the robot’s working envelope via the KUKA.DiagnosisSafety software in order to limit the possibilities of collision to the maximum
  • Latest generation S7-1510 robot in Profinet with a TP1200 CONFORT colour display
  • Double channel PNOZ Multi safety robot in Profinet in order to respond to current norms
  • New electrical cabinet with latest generation components + deletion of all unused functions (physical, electrical and programs)
  • Centralised control via a 12-inch colour display with advanced maintenance functions (sight of the safety circuit, dynamic grafcet with conditions)
  • A more compact, homogenous, light robot grip with:
    • Pneumatic FESTO island in Profinet
    • FESTO venturis I/O Link island connected to an ET200SP module in Profinet allowing many parameters to be adjusted remotely (empty value, ejection time value, fouling etc.)


  • Precise onsite electrical readings of the electrical installation in relation to non-updated schedules
  • Electrical design under SEE Electrical
  • Robotics design under TIA Portal
  • Robotics design under KukaSim
  • Unwiring and removal of the old installation
  • Fitting and cabling of the new equipment
  • Functional commissioning of 1 mould with verification of the diversities of the 4 functions (without core drilling or flame treatment / with core drilling and without flame treatment / without core drilling and with flame treatment / with flame treatment and core drilling)
  • 5 days training for the client on how to use the equipment with the creation of programs for other injection moulds 


  • New, latest generation equipment for long-term sustainability
  • Security of robot trajectories (no more collisions)
  • Extended robot lifespan through the decrease in weight on the grip
  • Ease of control of the installation
  • Much quicker and efficient maintenance and troubleshooting