En bref :
  • Number of project hours: 130 hours
  • Project duration: 16 weeks
  • 6 technicians


The Gaec Mazingarbe, an agricultural group specialising in growing endives, recently invested in the development of its farm in Sainghin-en-Mélantois (59). With this investment, the farmer wanted to develop his automated washing gantry. In fact, the machine does not clean the endive vats correctly and manual intervention with a high-pressure washer is therefore required. In spite of this additional cleaning, some germs still occasionally appear, which leads to the loss of part of the production.


In order to resolve these various problems, we suggested that our client install a FANUC robot fitted with 2 rota-buses. Aim: Accessing difficult zones for efficient cleaning.

Various types of equipment were used for this:

  • 1 FANUC 1800mm 35kg robot
  • Watertight cover with rotary joints pressurised via ventilation
  • 2 calibrated rota-buses
  • 1 peripheral safety guard in mesh panels with an interlocked access door
  • 1 electric control cabinet linked to the production chain

So, the experts in our design office were mobilised for 16 months in order to successfully complete this robotics project.


DV GROUP technical solution:

  • Prototype phase: temporary installation of the robot ready for cleaning trials
  • Optimisation of the trajectory in order to have maximum cleaning efficiency (100% of the surface cleaned)
  • Support in obtaining a digital robot subsidy worth 8,000 €
  • Permanent installation of the equipment
  • Implementation of the safety guard and the ventilated cover for the waterproofing of the robot
  • Operational commissioning
  • Modification of the robot programme on the production chain in order to add the cleaning robot
  • Training of the client for using the equipment at our partner FANUC’s premises 


  • Quality: efficient cleaning, no more germs, no more spraying of bleach
  • Speed: no more manual cleaning
  • Efficiency: increase in productivity, 1% of turnover, ie 22,000 €
  • Savings: reduction of annual costs, 6,000 € in manpower and 500 € in bleach
  • Training: training operators to use the robot