What do you do?

Lots of things! I’m a Human Resources Officer and HSE (Hygiene, Safety and Environment) Co-ordinator.

Part of my job involves Human Resources and it means being the contact person for all colleagues. My work involves responding to all their administrative needs. No matter what their requests, I always respond! In addition, I’m responsible for calculating salaries, as well as the various declarations which arise from that.

And finally, last but not least is my role as an HSE Co-ordinator. This job involves drawing up and leading the company’s HSE policy in collaboration with the Department, as well as implementing the steps for continuous improvement.

You could say that my days are well filled!

How do you become a Human Resources Officer / HSE Co-ordinator?

I have a Master’s degree in Management Sciences. Following some professional experience as a Pay Manager and Human Resources Officer, I realised that lots of companies liked this double HR hat. This is how I arrived at DV GROUP 11 years ago as a Human Resources Assistant, Pay Manager and Recruitment Officer. After several years, I was asked to take care of the company’s HSE policy. I didn’t hesitate for a second! The fact that I had the offer to further develop my skills and that people had confidence in me to lead this big project is very gratifying.

What are the main skills you need?

Discipline, without any doubt, because I’m the only one doing my job, so it’s up to me to organise my own time every day. I have tasks which come around every month, every quarter, every six months and every year, as well as the HSE policy and MASE certification, so it’s extremely important to be thorough.

And finally, being able to get on with people because human contact is of major importance in my job: whether it’s with members of the Board, Management, colleagues and even outside bodies. By definition, getting on with people is the very essence of Human Resources!

What are the challenges and difficulties of this job?

Human Resources and the HSE policy are two domains which shift around a lot because they are dependent on laws established by the Government. It’s therefore very important to follow the news every day and to monitor the regulations. As in the old saying, “Ignorance of the law is no excuse”!

In addition, when I arrived at DV GROUP, I didn’t really have a lot of knowledge regarding HSE policies, so I was particularly appreciative of being given the means to succeed with this new task and the training offered so that I could draw up the company’s HSE policy.

What do you like most about your work? With DV GROUP?

What I enjoy most about my job is the trust of the Board members. Trust because I’m allowed to work totally independently and also because I’ve been allowed to evolve and obtain the post I currently have. It’s very gratifying professionally to see that you are trusted and that the projects you’re assigned are realised.

What advice would you give to young people who want to work in industry?

Industry is a very dynamic field which is evolving enormously. Today, industry has entered a new era, that of the industrial revolution principally linked to the boom in digital technology. This evolution is making industry much more attractive to young people, so I only have one piece of advice to give: get a feel for industry and go for it!