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Emergency overhaul of a Siemens 450 KW Motor with water cooling system
Mantenimiento electromecánico - Caucho-Plasturgia


Robotic cell for the deposit of resin and a batteries packaging conveyor
Engineering - Medio Ambiente

OI Manufacturing

DV GROUP Electromechanical Maintenance as seen by OI Manufacturing
DV GROUP - Vidrio

Malteries Soufflet

OFFLINE vibration measurement contract
Control - Agroalimentación

Gaec Mazingarbe

Cleaning robot for an endive-washing vat
Engineering - Diversos

Manoir Industries

Preventive measures of 17 servomotors and 17 axis drives
Mantenimiento electrónico - Mecanizado - Metalurgia


Replacement / overhauling of 19 motor/reducer/ventilator assemblies
Mantenimiento electromecánico - Diversos

French client: Manufacturer

Paint line palletisation robot
Engineering - Manufactura

French client: Automobile industry supplier

The DV GROUP HOTLINE SUPPORT as seen by an automobile industry supplier
DV GROUP - Automoción


Shock wave monitoring of 46 AC motors
Control - Química-Farmacia