En bref :
  • 540 KW rolling mill CC motor (Jeumont Schneider, CNF 690 d1 type, 7 tonnes)
  • Number of project hours: 171 hrs
  • 4 technicians


A major player in the stainless steel, electric steel and special steels markets called on our experts within the context of its summer stoppage period in order to overhaul a strategic 540 KW CC motor on one of its rolling mills.


Our client’s installation has one peculiarity: the brake discs and coupling are fretted to the motor shaft. This could only be dismantled using a high-pressure 1,500 spin hydraulic pump.

After receiving the motor in the workshop, our experts realised that it had not been assembled correctly, which made disassembly impossible. We therefore suggested to our client cutting the shaft and making a new part in record time in order to proceed with its overhaul and to maintain the planned restart date in the factory.

Our partner network allowed us to find the raw materials (a metal shaft 700 mm in diameter x 250 mm thick) and to make the part in barely 5 days. Our experts were therefore able to proceed with the complete overhaul of the motor:

  • Extraction of the coupling
  • Product disassembly
  • Inspection of electrical parts, shock wave test carried out
  • Mechanical inspection
  • Turning of the exhaust manifold, mica milling, angle splitting
  • Jacking – curing of the motor
  • Anti-flash painting
  • Fitting of new bearings and brushes
  • Re-assembly
  • Non-load trials + running in of the brushes
  • Full load trials with break

As our client was extremely happy with our service, they have asked us to overhaul a second, identical motor when it is next stopped.


  • Reliability: a strategic 540 KW CC motor rendered more reliable
  • Speed: compliance with the tight deadline (15 days)
  • Savings: low cost compared to replacing with new
  • Establishment of a climate of trust: frequent, on-going exchanges and support from a dedicated DV GROUP contact