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Electronic maintenance Automobile

SNOP: Emergency transformation of a 340 KW drive

SNOP, an automotive supplier based in Zwickau, Germany, specialised in sheet metal forming, asks us to intervene in emergency after the complete shutdown of one of their production lines. In fact, a 340 KW DC drive is out of order.

Following our teams’ diagnosis, we found that the drive is…

Electronic maintenance Environment-Energy

Dalkia Waste Energy: Installation of a new Siemens G120 drive

Monday evening: Dalkia Waste Energy, an expert company in energy recovery from household waste asks us to intervene in emergency after a major failure on a 120 kW drive that causes the shutdown of the plant.

In fact, the drive is composed of an old generation Power Module, so it’s…


DV GROUP, the expert at your side during summer breaks!

With the month of August comes the time of holidays for the plants’ employees and machines overhauls. These summer stops are crucial. After their planning, an efficient execution and restarts in a timely fashion are the guarantors of the safety, availability and reliability of the production tools until the next…