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DV GROUP, the expert at your side during end-of-year breaks!

With the month of December comes the time of festive season and holidays for the plants’ employees and machines overhauls. These end-of-year stops are crucial. After their planning, an efficient execution and restarts in a timely fashion are the guarantors of the safety, availability and reliability of the production tools…


The end of the year means winter breaks!

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Electromechanical maintenance Rubber-Plastics

Mondo: Emergency overhaul of a 4.8 tonne CC 800 KW motor!

Following the shutdown of their production, Mondo, a major player in linoleum flooring for sport and areas presenting a potential fire risk, assigned to us the emergency overhaul of the Sicme Motori DC motor originating from their Banbury gum mixer.

With our previous experience in electronic maintenance behind us, Mondo…