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Electronic maintenance Rubber-Plastics

Repairs of 121 Siemens Simoreg K 4 quadrant variators

Electronic maintenance Various

DV GROUP drive maintenance as seen by Imerys

We have been collaborating with Imerys, a world leader in mineral specialities for industry, for 7 years on the maintenance of its variators stock. Rudolf Darcourt, Electrical Department Manager at the Fos-sur-Mer (13) factory, looks back on this partnership.

DV GROUP: Mr Darcourt, what is your role within Imerys?



The UPGRADE solution as seen by PSA Groupe

The PSA Group, a French automobile manufacturer, has been conducting a policy of resource reliability with DV GROUP for some years. Arthur Bourgeois, an apprentice engineer in the Technical Energy and Environment Unit at the Valenciennes (59) site, looks back on this collaboration.

DV GROUP: Mr Bourgeois, what is your…