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DV GROUP Machining-Metallurgical

DV GROUP engineering as seen by R.Bourgeois

DV GROUP: Mr Lagorce, could you tell us about R. Bourgeois and your role within the company?

Frédéric Lagorce: R. Bourgeois is a group specialising in the production and supply of rotor and stator magnetic circuits for industries working in electric motors, generators and transformers. We mainly work for the…

Engineering Rubber-Plastics

Manufacturer of plastic packaging : Retrofitting of a nine-colour printing line

DV GROUP Various

DV GROUP Engineering, Maintenance and Control as seen by AMTE

DV GROUP: Mr Richard, could you tell us about AMTE and the specificity of your production site?

The Augé Microtechnic Group is a family group based in the department of Franche-Comté, heirs to a tradition of clock and watch-making. The group has developed expertise in cutting (stamping and multi-slide press…