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Variable speed drive preventive maintenance : the ultimate weapon against production outages ?

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COVID-19, our teams remain mobilized

The coronavirus pandemic continues intensifying and the government imposed important restrictions to halt its extension.

The DV GROUP management and employees are mobilizing themselves and coordinate actions to accompany the companies.

We set up an action plan guided by two preoccupations:

To ensure, as much as possible, the security of…...

A word from the CEO

In a profoundly changing world and faced with the challenges of growth, employment and the localisation of industrial production on our soil, businesses have a central role to play in becoming the place of work, fulfilment and development to create the world of tomorrow. On the basis of its roots,…


DV GROUP, the expert at your side during end-of-year breaks!

With the month of December comes the time of festive season and holidays for the plants’ employees and machines overhauls. These end-of-year stops are crucial. After their planning, an efficient execution and restarts in a timely fashion are the guarantors of the safety, availability and reliability of the production tools…