I joined DV GROUP three years ago as part of my work-study professional degree in “Industrial Products and Services Technical Sales”. During this year, I held the position of technical sales representative at the Lyon branch. My job was to manage a geographic sector following the departure of a travelling technical salesman. This was a very rewarding year, and it gave me access to a travelling role the following year.

My job is to present the DV GROUP offer made up of five departments to our industrial customers. I am their single point of contact, which means I am responsible for communications between our technical teams and our customers. My day-to-day tasks are to make appointments, complementing the work of the call centre. I also canvass, create opportunities, write my appointment reports, and make some costing calculations. I define business strategies using the powerful CRM tools that the group makes available to us.

In the summer, we don our technicians’ uniforms and go on site to support our technician colleagues. I enjoy working with them because we learn a lot!

The aspect my job that I most enjoy is without doubt canvassing. It is very rewarding to work successfully with a new customer, and to watch them develop alongside us. I have an example that stands out. Following the takeover of my sector, I started working with a paper mill, to which I recommended a preventive variable speed drive costing €2,000. However, their equipment really needed to be serviced. Over three years, we carried out corrective preventive measures for its fleet of variable speed drives in the amount of €95,000.

To be honest, when I went to the interview, I was only moderately interested in the job as I lived a long way away. Then, when I saw the evolution of the Group over the last ten years, their strategy for the next ten years, and their extensive structure, I was hooked – and I have no regrets!