I started out at DV GROUP 16 years ago as a workshop electronics engineer. Today, I am in charge of the Motion Douvrin site and the head of a 10-person team .

My job is to develop the site, i.e. to identify niches, to assess customer needs and to respond to them by developing our know-how for new product ranges. We achieve this by providing training for our experts and continuously improving our expertise. I don’t have any particular routine. New projects are constantly being entrusted to me (development of new test benches, etc.).

A manager must cultivate the right atmosphere, understand his teams, and get them on board with the company project. Like this, we are able to offer the best service to our customers and remain at the head of the field. I aim for technical success, combined with a close working relationship and good communication with my colleagues. We work within a leading industrial maintenance group, which provides us with the necessary resources to retain this status.

Thanks to my profession, I get to take part in various large-scale or unusual projects, such as working on shipping navigation or aircraft carriers, etc.