I joined DV GROUP 17 years ago after obtaining my “Management Assistant” BTS diploma. After starting out in “supplier” accounting, I wanted to focus on customer service. Along with my two colleagues, I manage the entire accounting process, from opening an account to collecting payments to managing disputes.

My position allows me to be in contact with both our customers and our employees, as we invoice operations for all five of our departments.

In my job, you have to be versatile, independent, rigorous, responsive and a good multi-tasker. You also need good people skills, which are essential for customer service.

Seventeen years ago, I joined a family-run company with 50 employees. Today, there are more than 200 of us. The tools have been modernised and the teams have grown in strength. But we still work in a good atmosphere where people can talk to each other, and there is total confidence in our management.