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DV GROUP provides you with a trading stock of 4,000 new products dedicated to industrial applications.

Our experts are on hand 24/7 to find you a rapid technical solution.

Thanks to our partnership with Siemens, we have a wide range of:

  • AC motors, DC motors, medium voltage motors: from 0.06 to 5 MW
  • Gear motors / reducers: from 25 to 50,000 Nm (0.25 to 160 kw)
  • AC/DC/Axis variable speed drives: 0.12 to 4500 KW and 25 to 8000 A
  • Servomotor (autosynchronous motor, brushless): from 1 to 300 Nm (0.3 to 15 kW)
  • Starters: from 86 to 2400 A
  • Pumps: Lowara, Flyght, KSB, Caprari, etc.
  • Single parts



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New products sales at DV GROUP

All our products can be installed and made operational by our Electromechanical, Electronic and Engineering – Automation Departments.


DV GROUP is a licensed EDF partner under the EEC certification framework.


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Case study :


Need / Context

Bonduelle entrusts the regulation of cold production to DV GROUP. The Bonduelle Péronne site (80) has to cope with variable production and cooling requirements at different times throughout the year. Bonduelle’s envisaged solution was to double the motorisation of its compressors to 400KW/1500tr in high periods and 250KW/1500tr in low periods.


At the request of Bonduelle, and after an initial discussion, we proposed a two-stage approach: first, analysis and mapping of its current process; second, the implementation of a solution with a commitment to results and associated qualifying measures. The energy assessment, as well as the machine and functional assessment carried out on a 400KW compressor allowed us to confirm potential energy savings. We proposed and implemented a Powerdrive 600KVA inverter, with a return on investment commitment, which provided verified measurements over a period of two months. Bonduelle has now extended this solution to its compressors with Leroy-Somer Powerdrive 600T and 400T variable speed drives.


Bonduelle achieved an annual energy saving of €42,000. Investments were amortised over 8 months. Additional gains were observed for: - reactive energy - mechanical wear: compartments no longer overhauled every 15,000 hours - flexibility of the process - overspeed capacity at 60 Hz Beyond the expectations of our customers, we offer new energy saving solutions adapted to each process;