Shock wave

The shock wave: the diagnostic solution for your electric motors

Predictive maintenance is becoming increasingly important for the performance of a plant. It ensures smooth operations by minimising machine downtime and optimising the use of equipment.

We can carry out an intervention without dismantling. Our aim is to minimise the downtime of your production line and to identify the electric condition of the motors.

We work on transformers, motors and coils (induction, oven, etc.).

Our method:

  • Measurements of resistors and insulation 
  • Polarisation index 
  • Trend tracking

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Shockwaves at DV Group

State-of-the-art measuring tools for reliable diagnosis

We use the BAKER D12R and AWA to simulate the exact electrical condition of a motor.

Impulse test: (shock waves)

  • Output voltage 0 – 12,000 V
  • Max output current    400 A
  • Energy per pulse 2.88 Joules
  • Scanning range 2-2000 µ seconds
  • Repetition rate 5 Hz r
  • Accuracy of voltage measurements +/- 12%

Dielectric tests: (Polarization Index)

  • Output voltage 0 – 12,000 V
  • Max output current 1,000 µA
  • Current resolution 0.1/1/10/100 µA
  • Accuracy of current measurements +/- 5%
  • Megohms accuracy +/- 5%
  • Max value in Mégohms 50 400 MΩ

Provide a complementary solution to mechanical diagnosis (vibration measurement) by providing a description of the motors: the ageing and pollution of the insulators.

Case study :


Need / Context

CEE R SCHISLER is one of the leading European manufacturers of paper bags and cardboard cups. It supplies fast food chains and the biggest retailers, meaning that it must avoid all production stoppages. Its ageing equipment is a primary concern.


To respond to this maintenance issue, we offer vibration analysis of our customer’s workshops consisting of extruders, reels, printers, cutters, etc. We inspect the 90 main motors (from 15 to 250 KW), flagging up those products in need of maintenance operations. Convinced by the results of our first campaign, CEE R. SCHISLER went on to offer us a 3-year contract.


- Detailed reporting of each motor fault - Maintenance shutdown planning

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