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Notifications (alerts): OK – Not OK

Data acquisition and data feedback (on fixed speed)

  • Continuous monitoring by separate, intelligent, autonomous and configurable captors: CONNECT 400 Siemens
  • Data feedback, machine operation alerts
  • Avoids the sometimes useless and harmful monitoring and systematic action

Siemens SC400, your monitored motor


Case study:


Need / Context

EDILIANS wished to increase the reliability of its oven process by integrating a continuous vibration measuring system. The client wished to be alerted when a deviation happened in order to not suffer untimely breakdowns.


The ONLINE IOT Monitoring solution based on the Bob Assistant captor responded to the client’s expectations: simple to integrate solution (wireless Lora captor) / measurement of vibration and heat / on-board artificial intelligence allowing the automatic detection of deviations / e-mail and SMS alerts / WEB dashboard allowing access to the latest recorded data / DV GROUP support offer to support the client. At first, the solution shall be deployed on a ventilator motor, to be then generalised to the 3 ovens.


- As the ovens are operating 24/7, it is a critical production line: untimely breakdowns are anticipated. - When the alarms sound, EDILANS can call DV GROUP via its support offer in order to get help remotely or to trigger an additional onsite intervention.

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