Get connected and monitor your machines

Shop-floor indicators

A local predictive maintenance solution (variable speed machines, various technical bodies)

For your production equipment which is critical in terms of stoppages or difficult to access, you can reduce operational risks, increase the operational production time and reduce costs (stoppages, supply of parts)

  • Wide panel of captors: vibration (wired/wireless), temperature, rotation speed, oil, particle counting, pressure, flow etc.
  • Detailed analysis possible of the type of fault: human fault, fault in alignment, bearing, gear mesh, mechanical play, belt fault, electromagnetic phenomena
  • Monitoring of tolerance thresholds
  • History of measurements: local data storage
  • Alarm report by e-mail in the case of deviation (eWon module)


  • DV GROUP technical expert support (Hotline Contract): secure remote handling, spectral analysis, diagnostics and advice.
  • Alarm report: display, notifications (SMS, e-mail).

Case study:


Need / Context

MALTEUROP wanted to anticipate mechanical breakdowns on its 2 kilns, critical equipment at their Aire sur la Lys and Pringy sites. As well as the critical nature of the installation, the maintenance of its high-power motors is costly and complex.


- Commissioning of an in-situ vibration surveillance system. The aim of this system is to foresee mechanical breakdowns via a continuous surveillance system. It therefore has to trigger alerts when the threshold is passed. In order to offer an efficient surveillance of the kiln ventilators, 10 vibration measuring points were identified. - At first, the system had to be autonomous, with a historical record of local data. An extension to a cloud data archive had to be possible.


- Increased reactivity on the appearance of breakdowns thanks to alarms by e-mail and SMS. - The project will be expanded to the other two French sites and two German sites.

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