Network analysis

If you experience random breakdowns, choose EMC analysis

The industrial environment is increasingly subject to disruptions, while integrating more and more sensitive equipment. Equipment for analysing and measuring electromagnetic quantities are rare and expensive. Diagnostics and solutions remain complex and difficult. In light of these two observations, the application of strict installation and implementation rules seems like a necessity. Network analysis is the solution for diagnosing random failures, transient faults or the recurrent, unexplained destruction of equipment.

Our engineers and technicians use their expertise to integrate solutions that comply with EMC standards.

Our services

  • Power analysis
  • Network impedance
  • Harmonic analysis
  • Distortion rate

We provide these services for your electrical and electronic equipment, controlled rectifiers, transformers and motors.

Our method:

  • Carry out a power assessment
  • Power, harmonic and impedance analysis
  • Distortion rate: THD
  • Identify and define sources of disruption
  • Discover and define the state of pollution
  • Check the effects on the main constituents
  • Propose the different solutions to network disruption
  • Determine the appropriate size for the casings and cables in the presence of harmonic order 3 and above

In order to extend our Energy MONITORING appraisal, we deliver corrective solutions to the problems of electrical harmonics. Within this context, we are the sole partner of France Schaffner – Power Quality Products:

We sell, appraise and implement the products in this range.

Our expertise

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network analyses in 2020

Network analysis at DV Group

Expertise in the electromagnetic environment of your equipment

    • Network analysis unit: CW 240 / CA 8332
    • Voltage measurement inputs: measuring ranges from 0 to 1,000 VAC with accuracy +/- 1%
    • Direct current measurement inputs: measurement ranges from 200 mA to 3,000 AAC
    • Power: ≤2% active, reactive, apparent
  • THD U: Characteristics of the measurement chain: A/D conversion: 16 bits signed sampling Frequency: 400 kHz > 10 GB hard drive storage

Case study :


Need / Context

CEE R SCHISLER is one of the leading European manufacturers of paper bags and cardboard cups. It supplies fast food chains and the biggest retailers, meaning that it must avoid all production stoppages. Its ageing equipment is a primary concern.


To respond to this maintenance issue, we offer vibration analysis of our customer’s workshops consisting of extruders, reels, printers, cutters, etc. We inspect the 90 main motors (from 15 to 250 KW), flagging up those products in need of maintenance operations. Convinced by the results of our first campaign, CEE R. SCHISLER went on to offer us a 3-year contract.


- Detailed reporting of each motor fault - Maintenance shutdown planning

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