Industrial endoscopic inspection

Endoscopy: the solution to explore inaccessible areas of your equipment

Endoscopy is used to visualize the inside of a cavity to obtain accurate images of areas the human eye in unable to access. The images produced, in the form of photos, enable an accurate analysis of the areas inspected.

We work quickly in all areas of industrial endoscopic inspection and the video examination of pipe networks. We bring a professional, rigorous approach to many business sectors, including aeronautics, industry, consulting, real estate and construction, climate engineering, sanitation and roads, and safety. All our interventions are accompanied by a photo in order to display and monitor the evolution over time of all the defects observed. Each report is customized according the needs of the specific customer.

Processed products:

  • Electric and thermal motor
  • Reducer
  • Pump and valve
  • Boiler, heat exchanger and pipes
  • Turbine and ventilation
  • Products with reduced accessibility


  • Visual detection and accurate measurement of shaft and gear cracks, followed by lubrication channels, perforation and sealing of pipes and heat exchangers, welding defects, foreign bodies
  • Preparation of an analysis report

Our expertise

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Electrical engineering at DV Group

Tools to explore your motors and reducers

  • Video endoscope  – 5” TFT Screen – 3x Digital zoom
  • Articulated probe: diameter 3.9 to 10 mm – length 1.5 m to 30 m
  • Seals up to 1 bar > Usable from 0 to 85°C
  • PC interface – 1GB flash memory
  • Image capture
  • Photos saved in JPEG or BMP format
  • Image comparison

Our devices combine portability and performance by providing clean, clear digital images, combined with technical expertise in predictive maintenance. This enables us to guarantee the effective diagnosis of your facilities.

Case study :


Need / Context

CEE R SCHISLER is one of the leading European manufacturers of paper bags and cardboard cups. It supplies fast food chains and the biggest retailers, meaning that it must avoid all production stoppages. Its ageing equipment is a primary concern.


To respond to this maintenance issue, we offer vibration analysis of our customer’s workshops consisting of extruders, reels, printers, cutters, etc. We inspect the 90 main motors (from 15 to 250 KW), flagging up those products in need of maintenance operations. Convinced by the results of our first campaign, CEE R. SCHISLER went on to offer us a 3-year contract.


- Detailed reporting of each motor fault - Maintenance shutdown planning

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