Vibration measurement

Vibration measurement: mechanical diagnosis par excellence

Vibration measurement and monitoring is an effective way to monitor production equipment and reveal its level of wear. We place both our experience and our electronic and mechanical maintenance know-how at your service by providing a precise diagnosis of your facilities and recommending turnkey technical and repair solutions. Our domestic supply has provided us with historical data comprising over 500,000 measurement points. In addition to a one-off measurement campaign, we also offer monitoring via measurement and overall maintenance contracts.

Equipped with state-of-the-art CSI 2140 and CSI 2140 ATEX equipment, we offer you a strategic service for the core of your process in the following forms:

  • One-off monitoring accompanied by a simplified report with “red flags” indicating the maintenance elements to be addressed.
  • Results-based continuous or contractual monitoring. This monitoring is accompanied by a schedule, data exchange, detailed reports including all measurements, a detailed database, progress curves and associated maintenance solutions.

Site fault report:

    • Imbalance
    • Bearing failure
    • Belt
    • Mechanical interactions
    • Plain bearings interactions
    • Faults with reducer/multiplier, alignment, gearbox
    • Stator/rotor fault
    • Cavitation


Our expertise

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Vibration analysis at DV Group

Drive experts with experience of over 500,000 collection points

DV GROUP combines vibration measurement with infrared thermography measurement to describe the heating of mechanical components (motors, reducers, pumps, transmissions) on cooling and lubrication circuits.

  • CSI 2140 collector
  • Piezo-electric accelerometer
  • 35 kHz resonance frequency
  • Linearity domain 10 kHz
  • Base of 60,000 bearings
  • Setting and management of alarms
  • Automatic alert report
  • Generation of collection routes
  • Chassis resonance analysis
  • Display of alarms during measurements

Case study :


Need / Context

CEE R SCHISLER is one of the leading European manufacturers of paper bags and cardboard cups. It supplies fast food chains and the biggest retailers, meaning that it must avoid all production stoppages. Its ageing equipment is a primary concern.


To respond to this maintenance issue, we offer vibration analysis of our customer’s workshops consisting of extruders, reels, printers, cutters, etc. We inspect the 90 main motors (from 15 to 250 KW), flagging up those products in need of maintenance operations. Convinced by the results of our first campaign, CEE R. SCHISLER went on to offer us a 3-year contract.


- Detailed reporting of each motor fault - Maintenance shutdown planning

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