Key figures
  • 24/7 commitment
  • 150 engineers and technicians
  • 50 000 vibration analysis measurement points
  • 2000 predictive maintenance interventions
  • Up to 75% savings on systematic maintenance costs
  • 80% of breakdowns in industry are mechanical, 20% electrical

Predictive maintenance is the solution to optimising your production times

At DV Group, predictive maintenance is a suite of services designed for listening to, observing and analysing all of our customers’ electrical and mechanical installations. Our technicians guarantee you a complete report which can be used to define technical recommendations with turnkey solutions. Through vibration analysis, infrared thermography or air leak detection, we are able to detect and qualify the slightest defect and therefore anticipate the risks of incidents linked to failures. The accuracy of our analyses and expertise of our technicians ensure the safety of your equipment and protect you from human, ecological and above all economic incidents. In addition, our teams are Saqr-ATEX certified to work in explosive atmospheres. We also have the capacity to limit your maintenance costs in extreme environments: wind turbines, cranes, buildings (ventilation, lifts), etc.

Our predictive maintenance services meet 3 objectives:

  • Detection of defects
  • Monitoring of the defects and any associated trends
  • Qualification of the defects

Types of defects

Electrical/electronic defects:

  • Power supply/control circuit defect
  • Motor defect

Mechanical defects:

  • Bearing defect
  • Alignment defect (direct coupling)
  • Gear defect (gearing)
  • Imbalance defect (mechanical imbalance) – Mechanical play – Lubrication – Cavitation – Pipe wear

Experts equipped with the latest generation of measurement tools

DV Group provides three main pillars of expertise:

Electrical diagnostics:

From energy to the electrical component

  • Network analysis
  • Infrared thermography
  • Shockwave/flux ring (motor qualification)

Mechanical diagnostics:

Operating defects

  • Vibration measurement: high-speed rotation system
  • Ultrasonic measurement: low-speed rotation system

Component defects:

  • Endoscopy
  • Oil analysis
  • Thickness measurement

Energy diagnostics:

  • Leak detection (network qualification)
  • Infrared thermography (insulation qualification, tracing)


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Our solution

Why work with DV Group?

DV GROUP offers complete mastery of your drive systems

  • Limit production downtime
  • Full range of expertise (motors, reducers, variable speed drives and numerical control systems)
  • Make facilities safe (fire, pollution, accidents, production stoppages and further damage to equipment)
  • Optimisation of maintenance plans: downtime, number and costs of parts, number of interventions, preparation for shutdowns (schedules, tasks and planned operation, thereby maximising safety)
  • Interpretation of analysis results and recommendation of appropriate actions
  • Certifications including SaqrATEX and UIC-MASE, together with manufacturer approvals from Leroy-Somer and Siemens/Flender, testify to the quality of all of our repairs.

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