The PSA Group, a French automobile manufacturer, has been conducting a policy of resource reliability with DV GROUP for some years. Arthur Bourgeois, an apprentice engineer in the Technical Energy and Environment Unit at the Valenciennes (59) site, looks back on this collaboration.

DV GROUP: Mr Bourgeois, what is your role within PSA?

Arthur Bourgeois: I’m a Block-release Engineer in the Technical Energy and Environment Units at the Valenciennes site. My role is to collaborate with Maintenance Managers in order to optimise the maintainability of the installations and production equipment. It’s in this context that I was assigned to the UPGRADE project of Meteor-type machining centres for EAT6 (6-gear Efficient Automatic Transmission) automatic gearbox line on which we’re working with DV GROUP.

DV GROUP: Can you tell us about this project? What is it about?

AB: Several years ago, we had an enormous number of breakdowns linked to electronics and motors. These led to stoppages and substantial expense. It was imperative that we found a solution in order to avoid this situation happening again on our new strategic production of EAT6 automatic gearboxes. The aim of this project was to refurbish 23 Meteor-type machining centres (6, 7 and 8 axes) and 9 gantries for around a total of 700 products upstream of the launch of this new production. It was important, therefore, to have support for the carry-over via indicators and data analyses. Given the size of the project, we called on DV GROUP, in whom we have complete confidence.

DV GROUP: Why did you choose to entrust us with this project?

AB: The PSA group has been entrusting DV GROUP with its electronics (electronic cards, variators etc.) and electromechanical repairs, particularly on motors, for more than 20 years. As time has gone by, this choice has been confirmed as we have realised that our partner has real technicality and is extremely reactive: your experts’ explanations, UPGRADE methodology, repair resources and your comprehensive tests only continue to convince us. In addition, the proximity of our Douvrin and Valenciennes sites to your agencies in the region is an asset as we have a partner able to intervene in case of emergency. We therefore quite naturally took the decision to entrust you with this project.

DV GROUP: How did our UPGRADE solution respond to your needs?

AB: The DV GROUP Upgrade solution convinced us as it responded perfectly to our problem of identification, obsolescence management and monitoring, and also offered support for the maintainability of resources. Indeed, this new line of automatic gearboxes has been built using machining centres from other production sites. It was therefore fundamental for us to have a global solution with analysis and corrections and also reliability in order to be totally trouble-free with the launch and future of this line.

In addition, following the success of the Upgrade solution on the Vilebrequin line of the Française de Mécanique – PSA site in Douvrin, we were logically geared towards this solution for the EAT6 line at the Valenciennes site.

DV GROUP: What has our Upgrade solution brought?

AB: The situation owing to COVID-19 and the closure of factories disrupted the initial planning of the Upgrade project on the EAT6 line. Given that the machines have not yet been able to run at full power, it’s still too early to have an update on the indicators and data analysis. Nevertheless, the environmental monitoring of the machine (pollution, air-conditioning, cabling etc.) has since allowed us to identify some problems and thus implement some preventive maintenance measures. In addition, the “cost-saving” support has allowed us to control and, more specifically, to reduce costs particularly in terms of associated maintenance and stoppages in production.

On the other hand, regarding the Upgrade on the Vilebrequin line which was finished at the end of 2019, we have already been able to notice a big gain in machine availability, as well as a decrease in the number of breakdowns. Certainly, it’s still too early to observe other results, but we have no doubt at all as to the quality of the work carried out by the DV GROUP experts.