En bref :
  • 19 50 kg (2.2 kW) to 5 ton (7.2MW) motor/reducer/ventilator assemblies
  • Number of project hours: 290 hours
  • 4 technicians


Each year, Lafarge, the ready-to-use cement, aggregates and concrete manufacturer, undertakes technical stoppages in order to maintain its ovens. Indeed, the cement manufacturer takes advantage of these 3-week stoppages to replace a large number of machines and thus overhaul the dismantled equipment. In order to be totally trouble-free with their running and restarting, Lafarge wished to work with a reliable partner who would:

  • take responsibility for the overall operation
  • know how to manage the electrical and mechanical parts of the drive system
  • provide a technical guarantee for operations allowing secure restarting
  • comply with the safety regulations


Satisfied with our expertise and our offer, our client chose to grant us the exclusivity of the replacement / overhauling of machines during its technical stoppages. This time, for our fourth collaboration, the experts from our electro-mechanical agency in Saint-Priest were mobilised for 3 weeks to process 19 machines (moto-reducers, moto-ventilators and motors) from 50 kg (2.2 kW) to 5 tons (7.2MW) and to keep to the deadline set by our client.


DV GROUP technical solution:

Disassembly/reassembly of 19 motor/reducer/ventilator assemblies

  • Site management
  • Implementation of safety regulations
  • Implementation of appropriate lifting means and transport
  • Electric cable dismantling / mechanical disassembly and reassembly
  • Swapping of couplings and hydraulic couplings
  • Laser alignment of direct drives and pully/belt systems
  • Machine trials
  • Site cleaning

Overhauling of 5 moto-ventilators and moto-reducers in the workshop

  • Monitoring of the electrical part (insulation, resistances, shock wave, index)
  • Monitoring of the mechanical part (bearing seats, joints, interlocking)
  • External and internal depollution via cleaning and steaming
  • Dynamic balancing of the turbines
  • Monitoring of reducers: lubrification, waterproofing, gearing
  • Changing of the bearings and SKF range joints
  • Anti-flash finish
  • Empty and loaded testing on the trial platform
  • Painting
  • Assignment of a traceability number
  • Conclusion and drafting of a trial report


  • Global offer from DV GROUP: total management, from site preparation to a technical validation report and feedback on the experience at the end of the stoppage
  • Control of procedures and of the environment
  • Compliance with the budget and deadlines
  • Technical security
  • Establishment of a climate of trust: frequent, on-going exchanges and support from a dedicated DV GROUP contact