With the month of August comes the time of holidays for the plants’ employees and machines overhauls. These summer stops are crucial. After their planning, an efficient execution and restarts in a timely fashion are the guarantors of the safety, availability and reliability of the production tools until the next planned stop.

As every year, our teams have accepted 100% of requests! Despite this extremely busy period, our teams also ensured a continuity of service with many emergency repairs and night interventions.

Congratulations to all our collaborators for this unfailing commitment!

Some figures on our summer work 2019:


  • 135 worksites
  • 710 machines
  • 45 MW
  • 13,500 hours



  • 60 worksites
  • 44 MW
  • 4500 hours



  • 9 projects
  • 7850 hours


A preliminary analysis of the equipment can detect machines that require proactive maintenance. Do you want to know more about how we can help you anticipate your stops? Contact us!