We have been collaborating with Imerys, a world leader in mineral specialities for industry, for 7 years on the maintenance of its variators stock. Rudolf Darcourt, Electrical Department Manager at the Fos-sur-Mer (13) factory, looks back on this partnership.

DV GROUP: Mr Darcourt, what is your role within Imerys?

Rudolph Darcourt: I have been working in the Electrical Department at the Fos-sur-Mer site for 12 years and have been leading it for one year. My role is to monitor the proper functioning of the electrical installations and equipment with the aim of increasing production reliability. In order to do this, I have three technicians and one electrician working with me every day. One of my jobs in particular is to supervise the maintenance operations and monitor their efficiency. It’s in this context that I started collaborating with DV GROUP.

DV GROUP: Can you tell us about Imerys and the characteristics of the Fos-sur-Mer site?

RD: Imerys is the largest manufacturer in the world of cement made from calcium aluminates for professionals working in the construction sector. What characterises us and differentiates us from other cement producers is that we use smelt furnaces to produce our clinker (a mixture of limestone and aluminosilicates).

DV GROUP: We have been taking care of the maintenance of your variators park for several years. Why did you choose us?

RD: Seven years ago, we were looking for an available and reactive partner and, above all, one who would be able to give us turnkey solutions. Thanks to a recommendation from Siemens, we started to look at your group. Since this, you have shown your worth and this has confirmed our choice. Nowadays, you intervene for us concerning variators in the three core areas: commissioning, maintenance and troubleshooting. Thanks to the quality of the work carried out, its follow-up and transparency, DV GROUP is our premier partner for the maintenance of our variators. 

DV GROUP: If you were to summarise our collaboration, what conclusions would you draw?

RD: DV GROUP is always there when it matters! Your last intervention particularly impressed me. We had suffered the breakdown of a variator on a 130 kW ventilation oven one Saturday in the middle of the lockdown. If the problem hadn’t been solved quickly, we would have had to have stopped the oven and would thus have had to commit a large sum of money in order to get it working again. In spite of the exceptional situation linked to the COVID-19 pandemic, your experts answered the call and helped us out. Within one hour they had found the solution and the very next morning one of your technicians came a replaced the faulty variator.

The thing I appreciate most in our collaboration is being able to have real experts in front of me who know their job and Siemens products. With DV GROUP we have turnkey solutions within very short turnaround times, plus advice, so what more could we ask?