En bref :
  • Monitoring polymeriser vibration reducer
  • Number of project hours: 30 hrs
  • Project duration: On hire since December 2021





The Predictive Monitoring department has signed a three-year contract for the vibration monitoring of the machine stock in the “Polybatch” section, of a carbon fibre manufacturer (at a rate of 4 checks per annum).


The vibration measurements demonstrated that the polymeriser reducer was showing signs of weakness. This equipment is essential for production and there was a risk that the whole unit would be at a standstill in the case of a breakdown. In addition, the production mode of our client enforces 24/7 operation, with only one maintenance stoppage every two years. It was therefore impossible for him to plan a stoppage specifically to change the polymeriser reducer. They therefore wished to set up continuous monitoring to solve the problem on this reducer, so that they could be warned if the deterioration began to accelerate.



We suggested to our client the setting-up of monitoring via Phantom captors. This would allow a continuous monitoring of the equipment and would give our client sufficient advance warning should the deterioration of the reducer become too great. This would also allow them to organise an extraordinary stoppage in order to replace the reducer and to avoid a breakdown which would make the entire “batch” under production being rendered unusable.



Phantom solution: 4 triaxial vibration captors, with separate central acquisition outside the building, in the ATEX zone



  • Installation of the captors on the reducer
  • Installation of the measuring box
  • Creation of the client database
  • Implementation of alert thresholds and alarms (received via e-mail)
  • Data analysis every week and an expertise report sent to the client
  • Organisation of monthly meetings in order to communicate the measurements from the previous month and to envisage maintenance action or an extension of monitoring.



  • Peace of mind for our client: their reducer is being permanently monitored
  • Precise accounts and reports regarding the development of the reducer’s deterioration
  • Technical discussions and advice regarding the reducer’s maintenance
  • Pre-empted organisation should an extraordinary production stoppage need to be planned