In a profoundly changing world and faced with the challenges of growth, employment and the localisation of industrial production on our soil, businesses have a central role to play in becoming the place of work, fulfilment and development to create the world of tomorrow. On the basis of its roots, values and culture, DV GROUP is a place of collective innovation, producing utility in support of a just and sustainable economy where each employee can derive personal interest from the group effort.

It is rare to take stock of decisions taken 5 to 10 years ago, but for DV GROUP, 2019 represented a key stage in an evolution begun in 2015, aimed at anticipating the changes in a rapidly evolving sector. This evolution is characterised by the acceleration of digital transformation. Between structuring teams, recruiting new talent and the realisation of first offers and projects, DV GROUP has definitively entered the digital era.

We don’t have time for second thoughts as the rest of the world will not wait for us. New opportunities are opening up with Industry 4.0, the factory of the future, but this also dictates the development of digital skills towards more complex and more customised production. In 2020, we are going to develop new, high value-added solutions with a strongly digital dimension, based on the use of data both internally and externally and realised via the FRENCH FAB label.

This new, exhilarating decade, coupled with our values of “trust and excellence” shared with our clients, partners and colleagues, allow us to affirm that for 2020

“Let’s be a winning team”!


Pierre Vandenhove, PDG DV GROUP