Our maintenance offer in a few figures
  • 30 000 repairs / year
  • 2000 interventions / year
  • 150 engineers and technicians
  • More than 1500 drives and large drives processed as a preventative per year
  • 200 test benches

Proven repair and intervention processes for turnkey services

For DV GROUP, the management of your sites is part of a comprehensive, expert-led solution. Our “Electromechanical Maintenance” department has expertise in factory shutdowns and emergencies involving both large power capacities and large product volumes. This expertise translates into an outstanding organisational method. A site manager manages all operations, from conducting the feasibility study to delivering the project in compliance with safety standards (prevention plan, etc.) and within the set time limit.

We offer two types of services: workshop repair and on-site intervention.


  • Expertise in all rotating electrical machines
  • Repairs and reconditioning according to the manufacturer’s specifications and current SaqrAtex standards
  • Winding: mechanical modification and adaptation
  • Test platform: load testing (mechanical, electrical and thermal)


  • Maintenance of shutdowns and 24/7 on-site services

Electromechanical maintenance experts available 24/7

We bring you effective solutions through individuals and resources organised into three divisions:

Electromechanical division:  This division provides maintenance for AC/DC motors and associated components such as reducers, pumps and fans, as well as transmission devices (bearings, couplings).


  • Lifting: 10T / 4T / 3T2 / 1T5 bridges. 5T, 4T5 and 4T trolley jacks. 1T5 electric stackers.
  • Test benches: 800 A (full load). Analogue and digital dynamic variable speed drives: Induction motor

Mechanical tools: Presses: vertical and horizontal 50T / 100T / Mechanical and hydraulic extraction. Bearing heating by induction / T° control

Specific tools: Shock wave analysis, impedance analysis, vibration measurements, balancing, etc. Re-magnetisation bench (permanent magnets). Spare parts in stock (original equipment or adaptable)


Procedure established for each work phase with dedicated sheets:

  • Rigorous inspection of electrical and mechanical features according to manufacturer’s data: metrological inspection on bearing seating, joint surfaces, flanges, shaft, etc.
  • Test platform: un-loaded and loaded (Nominal Engine): characterisation of the engine: torque, speed and dynamics
  • Diagnosis and testing history

Winding unit: DV GROUP winds motors of all powers and brands:

  • Asynchronous motors
  • Wound rotors
  • Direct current
  • Servo-motors
  • Alternators
  • Frequency converters
  • Electromagnetic brakes
  • Transformer winding


  • Unwinding and softening stations: 6 m3 / 3 m3
  • Winding towers

Mechanical unit: The DV GROUP mechanical unit has the best equipment to guarantee the mechanical operations of your drive and transmission systems:

  • Conventional machining
  • Metal projection reloading
  • Reworking of parts, small series
  • Emergencies
  • After-sales service: Ability to repair obsolete products
  • Ability to modify new products

A complete


Preventive measures

Our Solutions

Why work with DV Group ?

  • Limit production stoppages
  • Restore the original performance levels of your installations
  • Ensure the continued existence of production resources
  • Manage your manufacturer warranty and repair requests
  • Full range of expertise (motor, reducer, variable speed drive, digital control)
  • Ability to adapt new products (mechanical, electrical and electronic modification)
  • The quality of our repairs are confirmed by certifications such as SaqrATEX, UIC-MASE, and manufacturer approvals from LEROY SOMER and SIEMENS / FLENDER

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