Our maintenance offer in a few figures
  • 30 000 repairs / year
  • 2000 interventions / year
  • 150 engineers and technicians
  • More than 1500 drives and large drives processed as a preventative per year
  • 200 test benches

DV GROUP, a global maintenance offer

As an European industrial maintenance leader, DV GROUP commits through our technical mastery to limit your production stops, to maintain and to perpetuate your equipements:

  • Electromechanics
  • Electronics
  • Mechatronics (servomotors).

Thanks to our 150 engineers and technicians and our 21 locations in Europe, we are able to intervene 24/7 on your entire production chain.






A complete


Preventive measures

Our Solutions

Why work with DV Group ?

  • Expert in motion and automation solutions for your industrial equipment: motion control, drive, large drive, robotics, CNC, motor, gearbox, drive
  • SaqrATEX, CNPP D19/Q19, MASE certified
  • 24/7 Solution Commitment
  • 100% tested and guaranteed repairs