Electrical engineering

DV GROUP studies and carries out any new or renovation Electric projects: from HTA to the command-control of the equipment. Our skills allow us to act in a number of areas – electrical and electrotechnical distribution and architecture, instrumentation and pre-wired automation solutions, neutral regime issues, cos phi corrections, network harmonic disturbances and EMC issues, ATEX environments, etc.


Network expertise:

  • Diagnosis: untimely triggering, isolation problem
  • Network analysis, EMC, cos phi correction, Condenser Battery, Harmonic Filters



  • Dimensions, cable connections calculation note, selectivity, thermal dissipation
  • Retail electrical diagrams, layout and nomenclature


Manufacturing Workshop:

  • HVA and LV distribution station, HVA units, transformers, shelters and prefabricated stations
  • High Power Tables
  • Standard “manufacturer” or “made-to-measure” cabinets for command-control, speed variation, automation and instrumentation
  • Integration of capacitor battery and anti-harmonic filters


On-site intervention:

  • Power cable routing, armoured motor cables, command-control and instrumentation cables, network cables, optical fibres
  • Installation of on-site equipment and power and control connections
  • Marking and transfer or retrofitting of equipment
  • Electrical compliance work
  • Specific environments (HVA, ATEX, grey room and clean room, etc.)


Product lines serviced :

  • Siemens
  • Schneider
  • Legrand, Alpes Technologies
  • Allen-Bradley
  • ABB
  • Socomec, Ferraz

Our expertise

in figures

experts including 5 electrotechnical designers

electrical equipment manufacturing and on-site service technicians

projects including 120 projects carried out in 2020 specifically in Electricity

development hours including 30,000 hours Electricity

Electrical engineering at DV Group

What support does DV GROUP offer?

  • Sizing study and calculation note
  • Production of electrical diagrams (synoptics, wireline, nomenclature, terminal block and layout)
  • Construction of electrical cabinets and boxes
  • Carrying out regulatory tests: insulation, masses and dielectrics testing
  • Production of equipment test sheets
  • Execution of works on site:
    • Track laying, cable routing, instrument and sensor installation
    • Cable routing
    • Connecting power cables, motors and sensors
    • Modification of equipment on site (busbar adaptation…)
  • Power-up and commissioning assistance

What benefits for you?

– You are guaranteed all necessary support, in terms of both equipment and specialised personnel.

– You have a single point of contact for the entire project.

  • Our teams provide both workshop equipment and on-site installation.  They control all aspects of your technical project.

Some examples of the equipment we produce:

Today, many customers in the aeronautics, automotive, special machinery, agri-food and pharmaceutical sectors trust us for their electrical installations and equipment, why don’t you join them?

Case study :


Need / Context

The machining centre is equipped with an obsolete 840C digital control system. - High failure rate, tedious and costly troubleshooting. - No spare parts.


- Implementation of a solution based on the 840DSL digital control with conservation of existing drives and motors (611A and 1FT5).


- Sustainability of the machining centre. - Competence of maintenance staff for this machine. - Easy troubleshooting thanks to the specific documentation developed. - Parts available and in stock. - Economic gain in relation to the machine manufacturer. - Optimisation of machining times.


Need / Context

- Ageing components of the analogue controls of a hot rolling mill. - Need to be able to change the power block in less than one hour. - Replacement of the DC rectifiers of the cages.


- Production of rackable power blocks. - Integration of these power blocks with a DC Simoreg CM controller with a Profibus DP communication network. - "Customized" assembly with scaling of direct and reverse power bridges depending on the actual application, and of the tables depending on the available space. - Use of standard components that are easily accessible on the power electronics market.


- Obsolescence management. - Components available on the market. - Standard, economical products, which are easy to maintain.

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