DV GROUP analyses, sizes and commissions your variable speed drive.

Whether asynchronous, synchronous or DC motors, from a few kW to several MW, we take care of all management and integration of such equipment in your industrial facilities. Retrofitting, change of technology or new equipment, we are able to provide you with the most technically and economically appropriate solution whatever your process.


  • Audit, Operating and Performance reports
  • Variable speed drive expertise, EMC expertise
  • Motor and variable speed drive sizing, harmonic calculation note and networks
  • Operation in network re-injection by AFE power supply
  • Sizing of filters and selfs, brake choppers and braking resistance
  • Variable speed drive synchronization (parallel, master slave)
  • DC Bus Drive, specific DC Power Supply, customized Power Module, Overvoltage Module, 6-pulse Power Supplies, 12- pulse Power Supplies, Dodecaphased
  • Air or water cooling, heat exchangers or air conditioner, IP 20 to IP 66
  • Safety Function Integration
  • Any type of regulation (synchro, cam profile, torque, speed, positioning, high frequency…)
  • Motor adaptation work (mechanical casing, encoders, probes, couplings, bearings, etc.)
  • Integration of integrated variable speed drives
  • Commissioning, production support
  • Monitoring, remote diagnosis and optimisation


Our know-how in drives means that we are able to work in all types of application where the drive power is present:


  • Mixers, crushers and extruders
  • Pumps, fans and compressors
  • Conveyor belts, conveyors
  • Gantries, cranes and travelling cranes
  • Forming, rolling mill
  • Textile, wood processing, printing machines and paper machines
  • Plastics, Converting and Packaging
  • Machine tools, test bench and Renewable Energies


Product lines serviced :

  • Siemens
  • Nidec Leroy-Somer
  • ABB
  • Schneider
  • Danfoss et Vacon
  • Allen-Bradley
  • Lenze
  • Parker

Our expertise

in figures

experts including 8 specialising in Drives at your service

projects including 75 Drive projects completed in 2020

hours of development including 12,000 hours of drive development and commissioning

Drives at DV Group

Retrofit – replacing your drive

Retrofitting allows you to upgrade your motor/variable speed drive if it no longer meets your production requirements or if its components have become obsolete.

Retrofitting may also apply to the command-control and the whole of the regulation associated with your drive.


The retrofit part allows you to improve your means of production:

  • Enhanced reliability, ensuring greater availability of the system
  • Excellent flexibility thanks to numerous programming possibilities and communication interfaces
  • Simplicity of installation, configuration and commissioning
  • Powerful diagnostic and monitoring function
  • Improved drive performance and energy efficiency
  • Obtaining new sources of specialist equipment maintenance assistance
  • Significant increase in your program transfer and networking possibilities
  • Implementation of DIGITAL solutions with increasingly dynamic and efficient models
  • Add additional features, e.g. enhanced security
  • Compliance – in accordance with the recommendations made by audit bodies, but also due to our knowledge in the field, in particular EMC


Improvements can be made on some drives:

  • Re-injection into the network rather than dissipated in Joules
  • Energy efficiency and energy consumption
  • Integration of safety functions (stop, torque, braking and operating speed)
  • Monitoring of the motor and the variable speed drive (vibration, temperature, bus voltage, etc.)
  • Reduced maintenance costs

Why discuss retrofitting with DV GROUP?

We are actively working to continuously increase our knowledge and experience in respect of retrofitting.

We have skills and experience in a wide range of areas and are proficient in all aspects relating to drives – variable speed drive (power electronics), motor (electro-mechanics), its integration (engineering) and maintenance.

What support does DV GROUP offer?

  • Preliminary study and sizing engineering
  • Construction of cabinets and on-site integration
  • Programming of the command-control regulation including its man-machine interface
  • Mechanical adaptations
  • Start up, test and assistance
  • Full documentation
  • Training your operators

What benefits for you?

– You are guaranteed all necessary support, both in terms of equipment and specialised personnel.

– You have access to the leading technologies on the market.

– You will have fewer breakdowns and you will be able to factor in the increased availability of your facility.

– Command and programming will be simplified.

– A safer working environment for your operators.

Some examples of our machine retrofitting work:

Today, many customers in the extractive, steel, automotive, engineering, agricultural and food, glass, paper & cardboard, chemicals, environment and energy industries trust our drives, why don’t you join them?

Maintenance: Drive troubleshooting

DV GROUP specializes in drive maintenance and troubleshooting. In close co-operation with the manufacturers of motors and variable speed drives, we offer efficient and rapid diagnostics.

With a large stock of spare parts Nidec, Siemens, as well as other brands, we reduce machine downtime to a minimum. We put your means of production back into operation and repair the defective part (screen, power supply card and power board, regulation board, etc.).



Delivery of replacement parts within 24/48 hours if available from our suppliers

Our highly efficient network of suppliers means that we are able to ensure next-day delivery of spare parts to your premises to replace any defective items.

With versatile technicians specialised in specific areas, DV GROUP provides troubleshooting services on the electrical, electronic and motor parts of your drive machine 24/7 and 365 days a year.


Preventive maintenance of the drive

If you wish, we can carry out preventive maintenance on your drives periodically or on an ad hoc basis. This guarantees maximum uptime for your means of production.

DV GROUP carries out the maintenance as recommended by the different manufacturers (dusting, battery, power block, capacitors, measurement sensor, and fan replacements, etc.) and analyses and updates any new firmware versions as required.


We are at your disposal to advise you and help you implement your various machine reconstruction projects, either to increase productivity or improve workstations, or to recondition a machine if possible.

Case study :


Need / Context

The machining centre is equipped with an obsolete 840C digital control system. - High failure rate, tedious and costly troubleshooting. - No spare parts.


- Implementation of a solution based on the 840DSL digital control with conservation of existing drives and motors (611A and 1FT5).


- Sustainability of the machining centre. - Competence of maintenance staff for this machine. - Easy troubleshooting thanks to the specific documentation developed. - Parts available and in stock. - Economic gain in relation to the machine manufacturer. - Optimisation of machining times.


Need / Context

- Ageing components of the analogue controls of a hot rolling mill. - Need to be able to change the power block in less than one hour. - Replacement of the DC rectifiers of the cages.


- Production of rackable power blocks. - Integration of these power blocks with a DC Simoreg CM controller with a Profibus DP communication network. - "Customized" assembly with scaling of direct and reverse power bridges depending on the actual application, and of the tables depending on the available space. - Use of standard components that are easily accessible on the power electronics market.


- Obsolescence management. - Components available on the market. - Standard, economical products, which are easy to maintain.

Our other solutions

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