DV GROUP analyses, designs, plans and commissions your industrial command-control.

Our multiple technical skills and our project organisation allow us to provide our service on a turnkey basis with innovative retrofit or new process or manufacturing facility architecture solutions.


  • Audit, expertise and diagnosis of automation and communications networks
  • Performance measures, flow analysis and production cycle time optimisation
  • Support for risk analysis and machine safety (SIL)
  • Digitalisation of process line and creation of digital twins
  • Man-machine interface and SCADA supervision
  • Industrial IT development, monitoring, database, Cloud
  • Communications networks, safety networks, safety PLCs
  • Instrumentation, servo and regulation, ATEX zoning


Our project organisation ensures that we are able to adapt to your requirements:


  • Development of system, software and hardware functional specifications
  • Development of design and coding studies (programming standard)
  • Development of test protocols on the platform and on site (unit tests, integration tests and functional tests)
  • Equipment manufacture and on-site integration
  • Commissioning, documentation, training and assistance


Product lines serviced :

  • Siemens
  • Schneider
  • Allen-Bradley
  • ABB
  • Mitsubishi
  • Omron
  • Wago, Beckhoff
  • National Instruments

Our expertise

in figures

experts including 10 specialised in Automation at your service

projects including 35 projects specifically in Automation carried out in 2020

hours of development including 15,000 in automation

Automation at DV Group

 Industrial Automation Project – from design to integration


Whether a process retrofit or a new works project, our structured “project” organisation involves several phases that are each subject to a validation milestone:


  • Project launch and organisational phase
  • Functional specifications phase
  • Design and programming phase
  • Platform test phase
  • On-site integration phase
  • Commissioning phase


At the start of the project, we first define the organisation that is both necessary and sufficient to meet the requirements of the project. After this, a project manager is appointed to act as your preferred contact dealing with both technical and a commercial aspects. This manager shall ensure that the project is carried out in accordance with the technical, time, quality and budgetary objectives. He/she will be responsible for the progress of the project, managing any modifications if necessary and will remain at your disposal for any problems during the course of the project.

Does DV GROUP offer a turnkey solution for your project management?


Our process unit will support you throughout the project:


  • Audit, expertise and advice on architectures
  • Help with drawing up specifications
  • Help with drawing up the risk analysis and with machine safety
  • Functional and design analysis
  • Standard programming according to DV GROUP or client programming
  • Integration of a Digital platform to secure the project (virtual commissioning)
  • Commissioning equipment and production support
  • Documentation and training
  • Optimisation and production changes
  • Technical reinforcement on your premises
  • Troubleshooting and maintenance

Why discuss a project with DV GROUP?

 Our project organisation is efficient and qualitative.

You have a single DV GROUP contact for all stages of the project.


We possess skills and expertise in a number of areas that are complementary to automation (Drives, Motion, NC, Robotics, Electrotechnics, IT, Development of Equipment Workshop and Integration of On-Site Work, Electronics and Electromechanics) and have the ability to manage and adapt to your projects.

What benefits for you?


– You are guaranteed all necessary support, both in terms of equipment and specialised and qualified personnel.

– You benefit from leading technologies and from our approach specifically oriented towards innovations of the industry of the future.

  • Our quality project process secures your strategic projects combined with DV GROUP’s absolute desire to satisfy your requirements.
  • We are in touch with your needs and our ability to analyse the challenges you face guarantees that we are able to provide a service appropriate to the requirements of your projects.

Some examples of our achievements:


Today, many customers in the automotive, steel, agri-food, pharmaceutical, energy and infrastructure sectors entrust their retrofits to us or their new construction projects, why don’t you join them?

Case study :


Need / Context

The machining centre is equipped with an obsolete 840C digital control system. - High failure rate, tedious and costly troubleshooting. - No spare parts.


- Implementation of a solution based on the 840DSL digital control with conservation of existing drives and motors (611A and 1FT5).


- Sustainability of the machining centre. - Competence of maintenance staff for this machine. - Easy troubleshooting thanks to the specific documentation developed. - Parts available and in stock. - Economic gain in relation to the machine manufacturer. - Optimisation of machining times.


Need / Context

_ Ageing components of the analogue controls of a hot rolling mill. _ Need to be able to change the power block in less than one hour. _ Replacement of the DC rectifiers of the cages.


_Production of rackable power blocks. _Integration of these power blocks with a DC Simoreg CM controller with a Profibus DP communication network. _"Customized" assembly with scaling of direct and reverse power bridges depending on the actual application, and of the tables depending on the available space. _Use of standard components that are easily accessible on the power electronics market.


- Obsolescence management. - Components available on the market. - Standard, economical products, which are easy to maintain.

Our other solutions

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