Key figures
  • 24/7 commitment
  • 20,000 repairs / year
  • 700 night-time interventions and repairs
  • 1,200 day-time repairs
  • 100 engineers and technicians
  • 10,000 m² of repair workshops
  • 24 test benches for all brands combined with a test load capacity of up to 2,000 A

Maintain, Prevent, Improve and Manage… A turnkey electronic maintenance solution

DV GROUP is a European leader in industrial electronic maintenance. With our 150 engineers, expert technicians , and 12 000 m² of workshop space we are able to intervene across your entire production line, 24/7.

Our mission is to Maintain, Prevent, Improve and Manage your production line.

All our products are tested and certified 1 year after leaving the workshop. In addition to repairing the component, we carry out a genuine refurbishment of your product. Our objective is to offer you a long-term solution, providing an MTBF that is close to new.

Our electronic maintenance unit at DV GROUP also handles:

  • Diagnostic interventions for industrial processes (winding, cutting, turning, positioning, electrical shaft, sectional, conveyance, lifting, etc.)
  • Involvement of a variable speed expert (servo-motor, induction engine, direct current, starter)
  • Involvement of a digital control expert (Siemens, Num, Fanuc, etc.)
  • Expert intervention in automation and supervision

Aligning our expertise in repair and industrial processes, and bringing our decentralised services as close as possible to the customer, ensures the same quality of service throughout the country while maintaining local contact and availability.


Local experts working as part of an industrial process

We specialise in repair solutions for power electronics, electrotechnical management and the use of customized tools.

Electronic technician’s tools: Oscilloscope / Signature analysis / Igbt characterisation by tracer curve/ Rapid acquisition centre

Diagnostic software: manufacturer (ABB, Leroy Somer, Siemens, etc.)

Software and console: Digital control, Programmable Logic Controller, Supervision, Network/Field Bus

In addition, our expertise in the electronics, electrotechnical, digital control and automation sub-assemblies enables us to intervene in all brands (Siemens, Leroy Somer, Indramat, Bosch, Fanuc, Kuka, ABB, Schneider, SEW, Emerson, etc.) and models.

An offer of support

at all levels

Preventive measures
24/7 service

Our solution

Why work with DV Group

  • Diagnostic intervention in support of your maintenance department.
  • Expert in motion control, drive, large drive and cnc solutions, bringing high-level technical expertise to the customer’s doorstep.
  • Mase Certification.
  • Repair procedures including electronic and electrotechnical constraints.
  • All repairs are tested and guaranteed.
  • 24/7 solution commitment
  • Commitment to solutions ensuring the reliability of your production
  • Technical diagnosis to help identify the origin of the defect.
  • Economic benefit: save up to 50% of your repair costs.

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