En bref :
  • Case budget : 1.5 M€
  • Number of project hours : 6000
  • Project duration : 5 years
  • Siemens Arcel Architecture :
  • - 7 4 000 and 6 000 A DC cages
  • - 10 Simoreg CM controllers
  • - 10 DC 6,000 A circuit breakers
  • - 120 Rackable power bridges
  • - Profibus DP network

  • Ageing components of the analogue controls of a hot rolling mill.
  • Need to be able to change the power block in less than one hour.
  • Replacement of the DC rectifiers of the cages.

  • Production of rackable power blocks.
  • Integration of these power blocks with a DC Simoreg CM controller with a Profibus DP communication network.
  • "Customized" assembly with scaling of direct and reverse power bridges depending on the actual application, and of the tables depending on the available space.
  • Use of standard components that are easily accessible on the power electronics market.

  • Obsolescence management.
  • Components available on the market.
  • Standard, economical products, which are easy to maintain.

  • Scaling of power blocks to pass 6,000 A on the direct bridge and 4,000 A on the reverse bridge, in continuous operation under 740V DC voltage. Each block has its own power board and cooling fan. These blocks are rackable directly on the collector conductor of the anode and the cathode of each cabinet.
  • All insulation has been designed in 3D matte glass, along with aluminium busbars and connecting plates.
  • Design was carried out using SolidWorks software for 3D CAD modelling: optimisation of available space, general ergonomics of the cabinet, and workshop assembly times.
  • Both the defects of each power block and the temperatures of the bridges were returned to an AND200M interface for maintenance.
  • Production of power blocks as replaceable parts so as to be able to replace a defective item in less than one hour. A 4,000 A output switch makes it possible to log motor activity.
  • To optimise protection against network voltage losses: the addition of a Siemens 6,000 A ultra-fast DC circuit-breaker (shutdown under 3 ms of 13 KA) to protect fuses and thyristors from possible short circuits.