En bref :
  • 1,000 products
  • Variable speed drives ABB, Siemens and Leroy Somer
  • Power: 45-315 KW

STMicroelectronics wants to optimise the maintenance of its equipment at varying speeds. To achieve this goal, the company has entrusted us with the maintenance contract for its variable speed drives to minimise production stoppages... STMicroelectronics is a global leader in the development and production of silicon electronic components for a large number of applications, such as iPhone processors. The thickness of the fragile semiconductor layers is little more than a fraction of a millimetre, and their production and cutting require extremely accurate installations and maximum uptime. An interrupted cycle represents the equivalent of 3 weeks of production - i.e., millions of euros in losses. To meet these technological and sensitivity challenges, STMicroelectronics wants to optimise the maintenance of its equipment at varying speeds at the French site in Crolles, near Chambéry. DV GROUP was awarded the contract following a call for tenders.

High-end services

Through this 3-year contract, we will minimise production outages and breakdowns of the plant’s variables speed drives comprising more than 1,000 Siemens, ABB and Leroy Somer parts. This results-oriented agreement involves reducing the repair intervention rate and minimising production stoppages. To this end, the contract is based on “systematic” maintenance services, such as a preventive maintenance plan, preparatory work, monthly standby duties and telephone support. The contract also provides for services on a “case-by-case” basis according to the needs of STMicroelectronics (on-site intervention within a maximum of 4 hours, workshop repair and supply of spare parts by our sourcing unit). Our aim is not only to maintain the production tool but also to improve it. During this partnership, we will offer STMicroelectronics a performance review service that entails a summary of information collected during interventions to determine and present a particular area for improvement, such as the reliability of installations, the prevention of drifting, etc. DV GROUP’s goals for the next three years are to maintain, anticipate and improve.

Core details of the contract

DV GROUP’s commitment - Reactivity! Achieving results requires responsiveness. Has a breakdown occurred at one of the STMicroelectronics sites? Solving the problem becomes a priority and a technician must be ready to intervene. - Be able to come up with new ideas! Is some equipment obsolete? DV GROUP must offer solutions that are best suited to the needs of its customers. More generally, the customer must feel accompanied, supported and advised. - An anti-breakdown plan! Reducing the rate of repair work is what we are really trying to achieve. A preventive maintenance action plan has been put in place to enable this. - Creating a climate of trust! The multiple exchanges between DV GROUP and STMicroelectronics serve to strengthen the long-term links between the two companies. They are also used to review areas for improvement and optimization of results.