En bref :
  • 3 years
  • 30 engines 11 to 37 KW
  • 300 measurement points / year
  • Objective: to ensure the reliability of old equipment
Pierre DUPUY - Maintenance Manager

Pierre DUPUY, Site Maintenance Manager looks back at the vibration measurement contract held with our Group. The Saint-Gobain site at St Quentin Fallaviers is part of the innovative equipment division, a specific area of activity for the Group. It manufactures silicone for various medical, automotive and electrical applications, such as insulators or high voltage line conductors for AREVA.

DV GROUP: Can you tell us about your collaboration with the DV GROUP?

Pierre DUPUY: We have a three-year contract with DV GROUP for the maintenance of DC and AC motors, including vibration analysis of around 30 motors from 11 to 37 KW. We carry out two analyses per year, at a rate of 150 measurement points per campaign. The first is carried out in June in anticipation of the summer break in work. These measures enable us to analyse the condition of the engines and to plan interventions for the month of August. We repeat the operation in December ,in anticipation of the Christmas break.

DV GROUP: Why did you sign this vibration analysis contract?

P. D: We needed to increase the reliability of our equipment, the core of the extruders, which is relatively old. We therefore wanted to get a visual impression of our engines’ state of health, and, if necessary, to plan their replacement. Vibration analysis allows us to adopt a forward-looking approach. We have chosen DV GROUP to run these campaigns as I am particularly interested in the skills of your technicians. They have a knowledge level and technical expertise that is valuable to the Saint-Gobain Group.