En bref :
  • 15 motors processed :
  • Medium voltage 750 KW - 50 Hz
  • 11 fan motors
  • 4 compressor motors
  • 1 month
  • 800 hours
  • 4 technicians

DV GROUP's expertise during factory shutdowns is well known. Our teams throughout France manage your turnkey projects with precise project planning. OI Manufacturing, a glass packaging manufacturer, opts to entrust us with the overhaul and refurbishment of its electromechanical equipment as part of its furnace shutdown.

Electromechanical workshops in operation

Glass producers must rebuild their furnaces every 15 years. The refractory brick component needs to be replaced to ensure its tightness of fit. During this shutdown, the OI Manufacturing site in Ardèche refurbishes the related equipment. Glass production has a reliability requirement, and must be able to ensure long periods without breakdown or maintenance stoppage. To achieve these availability and efficiency goals, the glass producer entrusts us with the removal, overhaul and refitting of its fifteen 750 KW - 50 Hz medium-voltage fan and compressor motors. For one month, our teams at the various electromechanical sites in Grigny, Cambrai and Lyon work together to process these products and meet the deadlines imposed by our customer.

Plain bearings motors

We added DV GROUP know-how to the flawless organisation demanded by this project. OI Manufacturing has atypical 750 KW - 50 Hz medium voltage motors with plain oil bearings instead of ball bearings. These bearings carry a higher radial load and have a longer life than ball bearings. However, they require a specific expertise.