En bref :
  • Case budget : 250 K€
  • Number of project hours : 1200
  • Duration of the project : 6 months
  • - Digital control 840DSL , NCU 573.1 and PLC 317F
  • - 2 OP 015AT TCU : integrated into the main control panel, the other side of the store
  • - 1 MCP 483 keyboard
Customer requirements

The machining centre is equipped with an obsolete 840C digital control system. - High failure rate, tedious and costly troubleshooting. - No spare parts.

DV GROUP Solution

Implementation of a solution based on the 840DSL digital control with conservation of existing drives and motors (611A and 1FT5).

Customer Benefits and Gains

  • Sustainability of the machining centre
  • Competence of maintenance staff for this machine
  • Easy troubleshooting thanks to the specific documentation developed
  • Parts available and in stock
  • Economic gain in relation to the machine manufacturer
  • Optimisation of machining times
Work performed

  • Comprehensive functional analysis of the machine
  • Modification of complete electrical diagrams using CAD software
  • Integrated API programming
  • NC programming (3 stores, Parts loading/unloading system, Detection of the input part type for selection by Balogh chip, Reading of tool lengths by Balogh reading, 5 Specific customer views on Run My Screen, Parts programs)
  • Replacement of the NC
  • Commissioning
  • Staff training