For 30 years, Arc International, a world leader in tableware, has entrusted the repair of its motors to DV GROUP. This long-standing collaboration has established a genuine relationship of trust between the two companies. Mr LECLERCQ, the technician responsible for maintenance of the Arc International motors, looks back over this partnership. “Our collaboration with DV GROUP began in 1978. At that time, DV GROUP was in charge of the Group's DC Engines. But as time went by, Arc International’s fleet of motors evolved, moving first towards asynchronous motors and later towards autosynchronous motors.” To cope with the evolution of technologies, and therefore the needs of its customers, DV GROUP has been able to develop its know-how and remain at the cutting edge of technology. “Today, we entrust DV GROUP with an average of 250 autosynchronous motors per year, and we are entirely satisfied with their repair. We expect responsiveness, serious methods and a guarantee from a service provider. We never inspect the products that have been processed by DV GROUP as we have never encountered any problems regarding their repair. For us, the DV GROUP service is its own guarantee.” “Beyond a customer-supplier relationship, our relationship with DV GROUP is one based on trust. As soon as we encounter a difficulty, even if it does not fit into our usual discussions, we know that we can call on the Group, and that experts will meet our expectations.” “We recently conducted a technical audit of DV GROUP and visited the Electromechanics, Electronics and Design Office divisions. This visit enabled us to view and verify the DV GROUP working methods and their product repair and testing procedures. Discussions with our various contacts and the quality of the services provided confirmed the trust that we have placed in DV GROUP for 30 years.” “Thanks to this visit, we can better understand the importance of the Group with its extended service offering. We view their continually evolving structure as an additional guarantee.”