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French client: Automobile industry supplier

The DV GROUP HOTLINE SUPPORT as seen by an automobile industry supplier
DV GROUP - Automotive


Shock wave monitoring of 46 AC motors
Control - Chemie-/Pharmaindustrie

French client: Glassware

Digital Twin of a new production line
Engineering - Glasindustrie


Offline vibration monitoring contract
Control - Papier-/Kartonindustrie

Austrian client: Paper mill

To safeguard the reliability of 32 Siemens Masterdrives on a paper machine section
Elektronische Wartung - Papier-/Kartonindustrie


DV GROUP Control and Maintenance as seen by Altuglas
DV GROUP - Glasindustrie


Replacement of two extractor fans
Elektromechanische Wartung - Diverse

Dutch client: Plastics

Repairs of 121 Siemens Simoreg K 4 quadrant variators
Elektronische Wartung - Gummi-Kunststofftechnik


DV GROUP drive maintenance as seen by Imerys
Elektronische Wartung - Diverse

PSA Groupe

The UPGRADE solution as seen by PSA Groupe
- Automotive